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Gong Bath - Deep Relaxation

The Gong Bath is a deeply relaxing session, open to all levels; all you need to do is turn up, lay down and chill out! Then you will be ‘bathed’ in the vibrations of the gong. The gong has been used as a healing instrument for thousands of years within the East and is now being discovered in the West too. It is rapidly gaining in popularity due to its ability to take participants to a deeply relaxed space of both body and mind.

The Gong activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which takes the body into a natural state of balance or homeostasis which is very healing, participants report they sleep better after the gong and their mood is improved often for days afterwards, others have reported a release of emotional pain and mental blockages.

The Gong Bath is a deeply therapeutic event which will stay with you long after the last strike of the gong and will activate your body’s natural ability to heal and detox, while calming and soothing busy minds.

Cancellations can be made up to 7 days before this event, cancellations made after this time cannot be refunded.

Investment - £15 (early bird) £20 after