Prenatal Yoga

Preparation for Birth & Motherhood



To understand a mother, you must first walk a mile in her moccasins.

 Prenatal yoga is a brilliant practical tool to help to relieve common ailments found in pregnancy and is also a wonderful way to connect with your baby and your amazing self. You have gone through the mind blowing process of creation, growing your baby into a tiny human, and now you have an important job to do which is to love and honor yourself. 

There is no reason for you not to ‘wear the moccasins of the mother’ from the moment you discover that you are carrying your child. In fact, the longer you have to prepare physically and mentally, the better shape you will be for the journey up to and beyond your baby’s birth day. Yoga can help you to acknowledge your role as a mother to one or more, support the changes you are having physically, and provide emotional support within a community of mothers on the same remarkable journey as you. During our classes you will be guided through a series of gentle yoga postures, designed to stabilize, strengthen and open your body in preparation for birth and motherhood. 

You will be invited to ‘wear the moccasins of the mother’ inside, and out side the class. What do I mean by this? You will most probably be getting on with your normal life, working, socializing, looking after other children or family members, busy, busy, busy, rushing all the time. Yoga is your opportunity to check in with yourself, your baby and put your amazing self first. 

Starting to slow down during the first trimester is something your body would usually demand due to the huge amount of work that is going on to grow your baby from a ball of cells to a miniature human being. This can sometimes be the biggest challenge to an ordinarily active women and it can be quite tempting to fight it and to ‘push through’. You are a magnificent powerful being, a warrior on a path, and now you are a mother. When you wear your moccasins, you wear the knowledge, wisdom and knowing of your own inner teacher, as a mother. Trust them and walk in those moccasins as much as you can. 

My prenatal classes start on Friday 2nd November at 5.45pm - 7pm. Please contact me by email at to discuss when is suitable for you to begin. I do allow women to attend during the first trimester if you already have a regular yoga practice. If you are new to yoga, it is best to wait until you have reached 12 weeks.

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