Our Yoga Rave!

Yoga Rave, was it what you expected?

 We had our very first Yoga Rave on Friday night which was aptly tilted Raving Yoga Lunatics under the light of the October Harvest full moon. We were totally over the moon with how it went, our Guest teacher Krystle Coe is a total expert at Vinyasa Flow and she kept us in a deep Vinyasa Flow for a full 75 minutes, followed a luscious 30 minute guided deep relaxation from myself. DJ Axel Lewis rocked the decks and our mega sound system with an awesome playlist of old school trance music that would have been quite at home in any club of the early 00’s. The class was a fantastic combination of brilliant yoga and music and we are looking forward to set our next date for next year. Keep an eye open for more details by signing up to our newsletter.

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Yoga Rave 05 Yoga Yoga Ongar
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