Yoga for Stress Reduction: An interview with Rhyanne about our recent workshop

I had the absolute pleasure of attending Rhyanne’s Yoga for Stress Reduction workshop last weekend. Rhyanne is currently training with the Minded Institute as a yoga therapist, and offered us this wonderful workshop exploring how simple evidence based yoga practices can help support stress reduction. To have the opportunity to learn techniques from Rhyanne, who has undertaken in depth professional training from the Minded Institute, is something I was very excited about and I was not disappointed. I felt extremely settled after this workshop and learnt a number of techniques which I can now easily integrate into my home practice.

Here is a brief interview with Rhyanne after the workshop:

Rhyanne: Today we looked at integration of the body, mind and breath, and how we might regulate those three systems to create more harmony generally of the system. We have done some mindfulness, breath work and physical asana practice.

Wendy: I noticed there was quite a lot of mindfulness 

Rhyanne: “The mindfulness part is really important. Otherwise the work that you do on the yoga mat you can’t  continue or maintain when you leave the yoga room. All the effects you had through the class, are within the body ‘there and then’. So when you leave the yoga class, you can have that ‘mindfulness’ of what’s shifted, what hasn’t shifted, and how you can come back to it. Using that general awareness is where I think you can create change.”

Wendy: “We had a complete beginner in the class today”

Rhyanne: “The beginner was completely invited to create their own experience. So we weren’t looking at form of posture or what a posture should look like, or over doing alignment. We were using the postures as a way to explore our own experience rather than ‘we must look like this in warrior two’ or ‘we must look like this in down dog’. It’s more about how does it really feel for you to be there, what might I change, what don’t I want to change and that’s where all of the mindfulness comes in as well.”

Rhyanne will be offering more workshops like that during 2019, and is available for private classes and small group sessions upon request. Get in touch to find out more