Are you interested in Yoga for under 5's?

Yoga for under 5’s is a fun way for children to develop new skills in a nurturing, non-competitive environment. There is a lot of pressure on kids from a really early age, to ‘achieve’ even before they’ve started school and doing yoga can be an important facilitator of healthy physical, emotional and cognitive development. During an under 5’s class with me, there is a complete absence of judgement and competition and there are no ‘perfect’ poses. As a teacher, I foster this unconditional positive reinforcement to encourage a nourishing, creative, and sense of freedom in their experience. Children will have fun in this class, whilst also developing strength, coordination, flexibility (physical and emotional) balance (physical and emotional) as well as increasing body awareness, concentration and self-esteem. Whatever happens in this class is OK and there is no right or wrong way to do anything. There is only one rule in this class and that is respect!

The class I offer is taught with lots of creativity and with a balance between structure and spontaneity, so that the children participating (and they don’t always want to which is also fine!) learn to listen to themselves and each other whilst being able to express themselves creatively. I use stories, songs, games and poses creates a multi-sensory environment, where children develop through kinaesthetic, visual and aural learning in a fun and enjoyable way.

Three reasons why yoga is good for under 5’s

1. Yoga offers a wide range of movements.

When children bring awareness to their bodies, it helps foster an awareness and fascination with their own body’s capabilities. This self-awareness allows them to cultivate a mindful presence. Children have an inherent capacity for being right in the present moment, and yoga nurtures the child’s capacity to be completely absorbed on the one thing they are doing without worrying about what’s coming next.

2. Through yoga, children can start to learn breath awareness.

Encouraging children to regulate and deepen their breath through focussed attention enhances mood, ability to focus and increases the capacity for relaxation. Yoga breathing can also be a really useful tool four under 5’s during and after emotional outbursts and tantrums.

3. A children’s yoga class offers opportunities for interaction with others.

Through yoga, children learn the essential skills of verbal and non-verbal communication. They experience first hand, the interconnectedness and interdependence of all beings; an understanding that is essential for a healthy social life. Emotional and cognitive skills that the children learn during a yoga class can serve them greatly when faced with stressful events that may be facing daily at preschool, the child minder or when starting school.

 Some of the benefits of yoga for under 5’s

 ·      Improves strength and flexibility

·      Increases self-confidence and builds a positive self-image

·      Increases emotional resilience

·      Nourishes creativity

·      Helps to balance body and mind

·      Increases sensory awareness and general body awareness

·      Builds coordination and balance

·      Expands self-awareness, and awareness of others

·      Develops self-discipline and self-control

·      Builds concentration

·      Increases awareness of breathing and deepens the breath

·      Is non-competitive

·      Expands awareness of nature, animals and the environment

·      Encourages cooperation and teamwork

·      Teaches how to relax and reduce stress

·      Encourages compassion, generosity, and respect

 If you’d like to know more about this class you can email me

Join our under 5’s class on Tuesday’s 12.45pm – 13.15pm £7 per session, booked in term blocks of 6/7 weeks. Siblings discount 50% and multiples are free. If you’d like to try a session, your first session is £5.

Booking via our website is essential