My Yoga Journey started over 20 years ago in Brazil when I stepped into an Ashtanga Yoga class taught by a former ballerina I knew. I remember feeling daunted by the chanting of mantras, and hearing commands in the ancient Sanskrit language, all whilst sweating immensely. I was very much intrigued by these feelings, and how it still seemed to comfort my heart

I had to go to that class again and again to de-stress from a demanding and successful career in the Media Industry and soon noticed not only physical benefits, but mental ones too. My curiosity grew, and I took on Iyengar Yoga which gave me a good foundation of body alignment. 

A few years later, I was fortunate to practice Pre-Natal Yoga during my three pregnancies and I am very happy that breath awareness and focus on the present moment made giving birth moments I hold very close to my heart. 

Finding the balance between work and building a family made it harder to step into yoga classes. Migrating to England raised stress levels and I experienced some unhealthy moments. My former yoga teacher encouraged me to read only one book and step on my mat if I couldn’t attend Hatha Yoga classes in my local gym. A little bit of discipline and faith made me feel myself again.

Not long ago I remember chatting with my daughters about what the future holds for each one of us and I wondered if I would ever have the pleasure of sharing my passion and experience in Yoga with others. Last year I became a Level 2 Fitness Instructor to teach Les Mills BodyBalance, which is a blend of disciplines from Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates. More recently, I qualified as a 300 Hours Level 3 Yoga Teacher where I deepened my knowledge about this way of life that unites mind, body and soul.