I've never been to a yoga class before, is that ok?

Of course! It would be advisable to start with a beginner or general yoga class first before trying something a bit more demanding such as a vinyasa class. If you're a new comer please make the teacher aware before the class.


Our teachers will be able to offer modifications and variations to postures to all levels from beginner to advanced. Let the teacher know before the start of the class if you are new to yoga as they will offer additional help if required or requested.

do i have to be bendy to do yoga?

Absolutely not! The more yoga you do over time, the more flexible you will become. Our bodies all move and bend uniquely and being bendy is not a pre-requiste to doing yoga - but improved flexibility is a side effect!

what should I wear?

Comfortable gym gear. Yoga is usually practiced in bare feet as wearing socks means you won't have the best grip on the floor. If you don't want to take your socks off it would be advisable to purchase some non slip socks for a safer practice. 

do i need to bring a mat?

You can bring your own mat if you wish, but mats, blocks, bolsters and blankets are provided in the studio for your use.