Dynamic Yoga Workshop

Saturday 13th July 11am-1pm

Dynamic Yoga Workshop

This 2 hour workshop is an invitation into an awareness of sensitivity, honesty, openness, presence and generosity to protect, nature and re-awaken the body.

Through vinysakrama (step by step instruction) which profoundly supports the body within the postures and invites each person to become more intimate within their personal experience as they journey towards a deeper relationship and understanding of the internet intelligence of their bodies.

What is Dynamic Yoga?

Dynamic Yoga is based on sensitivity and guided by softness. It allows anyone to unite body mind & Spirit through effortless action no matter what your age experience flexibility or strength. Using techniques to awaken and sensitise the major muscle groups and joints so that the structural and functional integrity of the body reassert itself- the body becomes stronger more supple more sensitive and energized

About Cathy

Having completed my DYTT in 2006 I continued attending further training courses each year deepening and refining my teaching and now have over 1000 hours of certified training. My teaching is thorough clear and specific but at the same time being supportive gentle and insightful



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