My name is Aslihan (AKA TheCrow), a (Progressive) Hatha Yoga Teacher who has been trained and registered by the British Wheel of Yoga in Level 4 (500hrs) Diploma Teacher Training and an internationally registered Relax & Renew® Restorative Yoga Teacher.    

... and with all my passion & will, I am ready to offer you my guidance through sharing my yogic skills, knowledge and experiences. This is a great joy to help you towards cultivating a happy & healthy life style in your personal growth-journey... Because this is how all begins: By being inspired for positive living! 

My story about starting to do yoga is not any different than yours… Long story short, it was because of the exhausting and destructive everyday challenges, dreadfully overwhelming work stress, broken relationships with others and few health problems. Since I had my very first yoga class in a midsize, half wooden half stone hut which were serving as a kids-nursery during the day, yoga has been an absolute and the only way of life for me. I benefit from the yogic life style every single day to maintain my health & happiness, to find the physical, mental and emotional flexibility and strength in coping with everyday situations and more over to transform my understanding about myself and others on the path of my personal growth.

Spreading the Wisdom of Yoga and raising an awareness of total health & well-being in our body, mind & heart are my strongest passion; because yogic living guides me to move consciously in my daily activities and allows me to smile from the deepest corners of my heart. I feel calmer, I think clearer and I focus better. Eventually I find wisdom within and bliss in my everyday activities no matter how big or difficult the daily obstacles are. I’d like to see everyone around me carrying this big smile from their heart and having their own greatest experiences with wisdom and blissful moments, too.   

I am a proud mum of a young yogi and a happy beloved wife of a great life companion on my yoga journey. I love spending quality time with Nature, feathers - ribbons - fringes & tassels, herbs ’n’ spices, dreamcatchers, kite flying and walking on the grass, on sand of a beach, on earth and on clouds... with bare feet. I am a dreamer and a story teller who is inspired by LOVE..

Breathe well, flow well, connect well!

With Peace, Love & Joy...