4 Week Intro To Meditation

Join me for my next 4 week introduction to meditation. During these classes, I introduce different types of meditations that you also get to experience every week. I will be giving you lots of information and resources to be able to start your own meditation practice, and tips on how to maintain it. You will be introduced to breath awareness (pranayama) techniques, meditation using sound, object gazing, mudras (hand gestures) sitting positions and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation laying down). No experience is required, complete beginners are welcome. Places are limited.

A meditation is brilliant for enhancing your over all wellness. There have been lots of medical research in recent years which prove the benefits of meditation on immune function, stress and life span. Google it and you will see for yourself! Try and and experience the benefits for yourself!

Starts Wednesday 27th Feb at 1-2pm £40 BOOK HERE